104.7 BILLION 

That is the current estimated value of the creator economy.

10 years ago the barrier to entry for starting a creative business was overwhelming.

Major industry connections. Specialized equipment. College degrees.


An Internet connection and your creativity.

And that 104.7 is only getting bigger.


What is the number one thing that holds an artist back from making money with their creativity?

Hint.. It's not an algorithm.

For most creative people it's not a lack of skill or talent but a lack of business knowledge and strategy.



You dream about getting paid for your creativity, working on projects you're passionate about, and having more control over your time.


  • Your goals feel out of reach. Starting is overwhelming.
  • You've watched every free YouTube video possible but still can't put the pieces together.
  • You feel like you're wasting your time aimlessly creating social media content that no one cares about.
  • You're lost with no direction. No system or path to growing a sustainable business with your creativity.
  • You see other artists succeeding and don't understand how it's possible.
  • You want to create digital or physical products but don't know the path to finding customers.
  • You wonder how creators are paid for sponsored social media posts.
  • You envision a life where you control how, when, and where you work.

If that sounds familiar don't worry, you're not alone.

That was me. Working at a corporate job I hated while I finished college. My dream was simple.. To make money with my creativity and control my time.

10 years later I've achieved everything I set out to do while daydreaming behind that corporate desk. Making creative money 3 different ways.


This course has 4 main objectives.

Teach you a long term actionable approach to growing a creative business that can generate revenue in three ways. The information in this course will provide clarity to three main problems a creative business has.

How do I get paid for my skills?

How do I get paid for my value? 

How do I get paid for attention? 

Complete beginners will learn where to start their business journey and have a business model that grows in money making opportunities as they do.

While more seasoned creatives will learn what's needed to maximize their money making potential leveraging the growth they are already experiencing. 

Save you time by taking the trial and error out of transitioning from an artist to a business. 

This is achieved by giving you the foundational information of each creative money pillar (clients, product sales, and social media monetization) and lessons in effective social media content creation.

To prevent this course from being overwhelming, we not only cover the ins and outs of each pillar but also the proper strategy for implementing them into your business as well. 

Provide you with short term and long term resources via the MCM workbook. 

18 pages that correspond with the material covered in the course. These pages include a social media content map, social media story telling template, invoice template, customer/brand outliner, budget calculator, licensing agreement example, contract example, pitch email example, offer definer, goal-based business plan, pre-production checklist, and more.


My name is Evan Ranft and I empower artist to explore ideas, live a better life, and makes money with their creativity.

I started my career in Atlanta creating photography for local musicians and small businesses. In 2016 I started a YouTube channel while working with these clients to share my experiences as a young creator in the city.

My entire journey as a creator is documented on the internet. Most of these people pushing their courses via social media ads can't say that and honestly I can't stand it. That was my main motivation for this course and platform. Educational material taught by instructors who have lived the life they teach about.

That's why I'm good at this, because I've experienced every mistake I teach creators to avoid. Like I mentioned earlier, I've been the person daydreaming behind a desk wishing I had more control over my time (side note all that daydreaming eventually got me fired). The real life changing moment came in 2016 when I was relying on a client's payment to cover my rent. Long story short, a mistake prevented the deposit and I was left asking to borrow money. I was so confident in my dream but here I was barely getting by. It was embarrassing and I honestly felt ashamed.

Using this lesson as inspiration, I developing a business model that allowed me to make money 3 separate ways as a creator. It wasn't instant and it wasn't a get rich quick scheme. It was a simple long term approach that allowed me to leverage social media to sell products and be paid for my marketing material while still serving my clients. By 2022 I had made over 6 figures from each of these approaches to making creative money.

I also want to give a special thank you and shoutout to Frankie Spontelli (@fr33water) for contributing his knowledge to help write modules 14 - 19 of this course.

Now I hate this part but I included some screen shots below as well as the brands I have worked with.

My Client Experience

Youtube and E-Commerce

Recent Clients

Late 2022, Early 2023 Retainer Client




  • Define the 3 pillars of creative money
  • An example of the 3 pillar path using my career for reference.
  • How to define your customer.
  • How to properly set goals and use them to define a business action plan.
  • Define the correlation between value and skill and how it effects your pricing.
  • How to utilize math to give clarity to your business objectives and pricing.
  • A creative career checklist to ensure your business is making the right moves from the start.



  • Define the proper mindset needed for content creation and your creative business.
  • How to align your social media with your perfect customer.
  • Define the three types of social media content.
  • How to structure content using a simple storytelling framework.
  • How to structure social media content ideas to maximize efficiency and avoid overload.



  • Define the 5 types of clients and which is easiest to start with.
  • Define your proof of concept and the importance of a portfolio.
  • How to create a simple tutorial website.
  • How to create the perfect offer.
  • How to write a pitch email + an example email.
  • How to negotiate effectively and the importance of a budget when negotiating + workbook page.
  • The importance of contracts + an example contract.
  • The importance of invoicing + invoice template and example.
  • How licensing works and how to take advantage of it + licensing agreement example.
  • Defining retainer clients and what to look for.
  • The intangibles element of professionalism + preproduction checklist.



  • How to lay the foundation necessary to sell products.
  • How to generate leads and start building an email list + basic email automation tutorial.
  • How to add physical and digital products to your website.
  • The main difference between physical and digital products in relation to a creative business.
  • Define affiliate product sales.
  • How to market affiliate products on your website.
  • Affiliate product acquisition walkthrough.
  • How to sell access and why it is important.
  • Product sales social media optimization.
  • My personal experience in physical product production including where I have printed my photography prints, books, and merchandise.
  • How to dropship products (a brief overview)
  • Define the key mistakes of product sales.



  • Learn the mindset and approach necessary to begin making money with social media.
  • How to efficiently start a YouTube channel with proper direction utilizing the 3 types of content + workbook page.
  • How YouTube is beneficial to your business through skill acquisition.
  • How social media sponsorships work.
  • Real life examples of a social media integration negotiations.
  • The importance of social media licensing and the double dip opportunity it provides to creators.
  • Where Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok fit into a social media monetization plan as of 2023.



  • The final mindset adaptation needed to unlock your true potential as a creative business owner.


18 downloadable and printable workbook pages designed to help students long past completion of the course. Workbook pages focused on brand development, goal setting, business planning, invoicing, and more.


Each topic is broken down into easy to digest modules and designed fit your busy schedule.


  • An opportunity for students to receive additional guidance and 1 on 1 curriculum assistance via direct video conversation with with Evan Ranft.
  • Video conversation can cover any questions related to the course curriculum, creative business, my experience with content creation, and/or my experience with photography.


First and foremost, this course is not one of those courses you see ads for on social media.

I will not make a bold claim about filling your calendar, growing your following 100x overnight, or making you 6 figures within a year of starting.

If that is the course you want this is not for you, and I am completely fine with that. I am looking for students who recognize the personal responsibility involved with an entrepreneurial endeavor like creative business.

Growth is a byproduct of solving problems. There is no way to avoid it. The way you solve problems is by knowledge acquisition. Typically we acquire knowledge through experiences combined with trial and error.

My mission is to solve your problem of knowledge acquisition to help you grow faster. To give you an answer to the common question "how can I use my creativity as a way to make money?" I've done the trial and error to answer that question. Now I can pass that experience along to you via this curriculum and email coaching.

Because this a business information based course, I do not focus on creative skill acquisition in this material. We focus on the strategy and application of the skills you have to grow a creative business. If your creative skills need improvement (photography, videography, graphic design, writing, ect.) I am leaving that responsibility in the hands of the students.

In addition, remember my YouTube channel has hundreds of videos about content creation, photography, and videography. All completely free.





18 downloadable and printable pages to assist you during this course and long after completion. Worksheets like the invoice template, contact example, licensing agreement example, pitch email example, licensing quote checklist, weekly priority planner, social media content map, story telling map, and offer crafter can be used with every new stage of your creative journey. While the business plan template, brand/avatar relationship chart, creative career checklist and hourly rate calculator will fast track your progression into a profitable creative business.


  The Foundation
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  The Social Media Engine
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  Product Sales
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  Social Media Money
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  Course Conclusion
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  Bonus Material
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How long do I have access to the course?

Access is unlimited for life! So feel free to come back and use this as a resource as your business develops or if you ever need to re-download workbook pages.

Is this course only for photographers?

This course is designed for all areas of creativity. I took my experiences with photography and wrote this course to apply those experiences to anyone and everything. That includes videography, graphic design, and traditional drawing/painting.

What if I don't have a social media following?

Modern creative money is a system designed for the day 1 beginner. One strategy discussed in this course is how to build a social media brand while promoting your products and services at the same time.

Is creativity still valued in today's world?

We are currently in the most lucrative time for creatives. In this course, I discuss the importance of new media and how advertising budgets have changed over time. Currently advertising dollars have spread to individuals and influences on the internet. As well as the targeted advertisements you see every day on social media. All of this media has to be created by someone... and that someone is you and me.

Is it too late for me to get started?

Modern creative money is a framework for anyone looking to make money with creativity. It can apply to someone fresh out of high school looking to make a career of this or someone in their 50's with a box of photo prints looking to make a few extra dollars every month.

What is the refund policy?

Simple. No questions asked if you have completed 50% of the course materials. Just email the contact email at the bottom of this page.

Course results will vary based on application of information presented.
Contact [email protected] for questions, concerns, or refund requests.